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Establishing an Internet presence is as fundamental as having a business card these days.  Social sites are fine as far as they go, but for real control over how your information  is presented, you need your own web site.  Sure you should leverage your social site accounts, but the presentation of your career probably deserves a more significant investment of your time and a little bit of cash.

We can help untangle the world wide web for you.  We’ll handle the technical crap so you can focus on what you do best – the creative!

We know that one size does NOT fit all!  We work with you to deliver what YOU need.  What ever the mix of services fits your needs, we’ll put a deal together that fits your special requirements.



Web Hosting

The web host is where all your website files reside and are made accessible to the Internet.  Web hosting is job #1 for us.  Reliability is perhaps the most important characteristic to look for in a web host.


Web Design

How your web site looks is really important.  Visitors instantly get an impression of you as soon as they lay eyes on your page.

A well designed site is attractive, interesting, and keeps your visitors longer.  Plus a good design will help you get found on the search engines.   We can help you put your best foot forward.      More…

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Hysterical Management

We're part of THE Hysterical Management, the comedy booking agency. We have nearly one thousand comics available to us from all over the United States and several European countries as well.

We also book special shows for corporate events and organizations such as Elks Club, Moose Lodge, Rotary Clubs, etc. Check out the Special Event Planner section for some tips!

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