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Comedian Marketing Campaign

Comedian Marketing Idea

As stand up comedians, you have a brilliant opportunity to to better utilize resources you probably already have to develop a terrific comedian marketing campaign!  You just need to move all the puzzle pieces around to come together and develop a real marketing campaign.

Your Fan Base

As you travel and perform, you perform in front of hundreds of people every week. Over a year – thousands. Many of those folks really liked you!  Trouble is, when you leave East Bumphuc Montana, most of them will never hear or see you again.  It’s sad really.  Because they are potential fans, they are interested in you and would love to see you again next time you come to town.

Imagine if all those people knew in advance when you were coming back to their town.  Imagine if all those people knew as soon as your new CD became available.

You Got To Show Them The Love

Fans are interested in you.  They feel a connection to you.  They demonstrate their connection by wearing T-shirts, posting online, and would totally flip over getting periodic messages from you.  They get to know where you are performing, funny stories about what happened on the road, and when the new product is coming out and how to buy it – NOW.  They would know when you are coming back to their town, so they could make plans to see you again – making you a draw for the venue.  The whole thing really promotes the your brand throughout the whole year. (Think about having several hundred fans you’ve been keeping in touch with from all over the country getting news first hand as soon as your CD is available! The initial burst of CD sales could be huge!)

 It’s Not Difficult and It’s Free

Great For Comedian Marketing Campaign

Best of all, doing all that is free, and you don’t have to anything much different than you do now!

There is a mailing service called Mailchimp. They’re one of a few really good mail service outfits. And they have a program that allows you to have as many as 2,000 subscribers and send as many as 12,000 emails a month for free. Once you grow beyond that, you have to get a paid account but at that point it would seem you could afford it and they have some really affordable options.

People add their names to your email list right from your web site. So during your show, you promote the idea, tell people to sign up. They even have an app for a smartphone, if you have one, that allows you to have the person enter their info to your phone for you to upload later, and another similar program you could run on a laptop.  They have a special program for Facebook too.

Then, you can send messages to directed just to those people or they would receive updates every time you post something to your web site automatically! The emails by the way are ‘pretty’ emails. With color and pictures if you want. And, the mail service makes certain it’s all legal, so you’ll not be in danger of being accused of spamming.

You can do all this on your own at zero cost. If it seems too daunting, I could do most of it for you. It takes about an hour to setup, I would charge $25 for the setup – a one time charge. You still have to setup your own Mailchimp account – but again if you stay within their limitations – it’s totally free.

Take a look at Mailchimp ( and let me know what you think about the idea.

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