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Domain Names

A Domain Name is sort of like an international phone number that enables Internet users to find a particular web site easily.

There’s an organization called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that has the responsibility of making sure that every domain name is unique and keeping track of here each domain is located on the Internet.

You can register a domain name with a Registrar or reseller (like Hysterical Management).  Not all registrars and resellers offer identical terms and conditions.  Some are actually pretty scummy and limit you (the registrant) in the things you may want to do with your domain name.  They end up extorting money from the registrant.  A separate article on these scams is scheduled for publication soon.

Hysterical Management is not the least expensive place to register a domain name, but it’s perfectly safe.  We charge $17.95 per year for domain registration.

Top Level Domain

The most common TLD’s are .com, .org, .edu, .gov.  Of those four, you’re most likely qualified to register for one – the .com .  The others are reserved for non-profits, schools and the government.  You can also register for .net, .biz, or .name.   Technically there’s no difference one to the other.  It’s just that most people will default to .com when they’re looking for a web site.  That’s why .com domain names are considered ‘better’ than others.  (As a point of interest, as of today, December 2, 2012) there are 316 top level domains.  Many you would never guess.)

Entertainers have the advantage (or curse) that they will often want to use their name as the domain name.  The curse comes in if you have a very common name – because the name will already be taken.  But, even if you’re a comedian with the name John Kennedy, you could still register – Yup, it’s available.

Choosing words that you think people will use in trying to find your web site as part of the domain  name is an excellent search engine strategy.  Some one searching for ‘john kennedy comedy’ on Google is going to end up with our sample web site at the top of the list even though there are hundreds of thousands of other John Kennedy related sites.

So, give your possible domain name a little thought.  Think of several acceptable possibilities.  Then, find out if the name is available for your to register or not.  You can do that right here by the way.  We have a simple Domain Checker program that will tell you right away if your domain name is available for registration or not.  If it is available, you can register it right away and set up your hosting account too.  It doesn’t cost or obligate you in any way to check.  Click Here For Domain Name Checker

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