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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting requires three things;

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Web Host
  3. A Way To Manage Your Web Site and Content

Hysterical Management can provide all three (or any combination you need).

Domain Name

A domain name is the name of your web site on the Internet; like  There are ga-zillions of names already in use. We need to find one that makes sense for you and is also available to register.  Many times you’ll find that is available.  If not, then we need to get creative; like or

What ever your domain name will be, it should ideally include words that you expect visitors to type into a search engine.  Your domain name is one of the most important elements in optimizing your web site to be found on search engines.  We have separate articles available to you on that important topic.

Web Host

The web host is where all your website files reside and are made accessible to the Internet.  Web hosting is job #1 for us.  Reliability is perhaps the most important characteristic to look for in a web host.

We’re very proud of our record.  Since we started 12 years ago, we boast an ‘up-time’ of 99.98%.  (In 2006 an earthquake rattled the servers in California, but back up servers had us back up a couple hours later.)

Manage Your Site And Content

For the sake of convenience your level of access to the ‘back room’ of your web site is unlimited.  We have some clients with the technical skills that take advantage of full access to the Control Panel.  Others have a webmaster they hired to handle the techy stuff. (By the way, I am available for that gig if you want.)  But most of our clients prefer a special blend where we set up a web site for them that looks the way they want it to and we set up the web site with an easy to use Content Management System called WordPress.  This enables you, even if you have limited computer skills to add, delete and edit your web site when ever you want!  Even when you’re on the road, if you have access to the Internet, you can access your web site.

If you’re just getting started we’ll help you every step of the way to establish your Internet presence.

Web Hosting Details
Monthly Fee $6.95 We accept major credit cards, (2Checkout is our secure payment processor), PayPal or you can pay by check. You can pay monthly, quarterly (saves you 5%), or annually (saves you 10%).
Setup Fee None
Disk Space 50 MB The amount of disk space allocated to your hosting plan. You can increase your disk space or upgrade your hosting at any time. (You can get more if needed; $0.10 per MB/month)
Monthly Traffic 5 GB The amount of traffic allocated to your hosting plan. Traffic includes site visits, ftp transfers, email traffic.
Sign Up Now !!  Web Hosting Sign Up Ready to go? Great! Click on the “Sign Up” icon to the left. A new window will open so you can begin. When you’re done, simply close the window and then check your email for further instructions.
Mail Services
POP3/SMTP Accounts 10 Each hosting plan comes with 10 mailboxes. Mailboxes are actual email accounts on the server where you can receive your email at, something like If you need more than 10 email addresses, you add more for only $0.10 (ten cents) per month!

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