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Establishing an Internet presence is as fundamental as having a business card these days.  Social sites are fine as far as they go, but for real control over how your information  is presented, you need your own web site.  Sure you should leverage your social site accounts, but the presentation of your career probably deserves a more significant investment of your time and a little bit of cash.

We can help untangle the world wide web for you.  We’ll handle the technical crap so you can focus on what you do best – the creative!

Hysterical offers a variety of services at very reasonable prices that will get you more “bang for your promotional buck”.  Our most popular ‘package’ includes a web design, domain name (1 year registration) and a year of hosting for $150.  But, we will tailor the service package to meet your requirements.

Now, we can manage your web site if you want, you know add stuff, change stuff.  But, our Webmaster recommends that we offer a set up that enables you to manage your own site!  That way you can handle it when it needs to be done, no waiting for your webmaster to find the time and then bill you for it.  You can update your site from your laptop, on the road, where ever you have an Internet connection.  It’s really easy to do actually.  It doesn’t require special software or super secret webmaster coding either.  If you can use a word processor program like Microsoft Word for example, you have all the skills necessary.

If you just need a place to host your website, we have a safe and reliable hosting service for you, and just $6.95 per month!

If you need everything from a Domain Name to a Webmaster, we can design a site for you that you will be proud of.

If you have a web site, but no one ever finds it, we have lot’s of good information and several services to help your site be found online.

Your site can offer online promo for your clients, your tour schedule, a place to sell your product, a place for your fans to gather and chat, or nearly anything you might imagine.

Take a moment and tell us a little about what you would like to do on the Internet.  We’ll get back to you promptly with some ideas and a plan of action.  Think of it; by this time tomorrow, your Internet dreams and ideas could actually be underway!

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We also book special shows for corporate events and organizations such as Elks Club, Moose Lodge, Rotary Clubs, etc. Check out the Special Event Planner section for some tips!

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